It’s been a busy, exciting summer. So, as we slide into Autumn, here’s what has been happening over the last few months… 

National Smile Month 

17th May – 17th June was National Smile Month, an initiative run by the Oral Health Foundation aiming to raise awareness of important health issues. 

To promote National Smile Month at Subfero, we asked Team Subfero to get involved by sending in a picture and a short description of what makes them smile. The response was amazing! We had so many submissions that we were able to continue National Smile Month for an extra two weeks! 

Here is a small selection of your smile pictures which made us smile too. 

National Smile Month 2021

National Sunglasses Day 

Sunday 27 June was National Sunglasses Day. 

Sunglasses look cool (especially when Team Subfero are rocking them) but they’re also really important for protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of Ultraviolet light. 

Here’s Team Subfero wearing their favourite bins… 

National Sunglasses Day 2021


We’re proud to say we are an equal opportunity employer, but more than that, we stand as one with people who identify as LGBTQ+, not just today or in June, but throughout the whole year. Although it’s important to celebrate in June, it’s just as important to remember this in every interaction we have with one other every day. 

To celebrate Pride we asked people to dress up in a bit of colour for a day, or at least try to. And a few people even tried their best to spell out the word ‘Pride’ while doing so. Judge for yourself how well they did in the picture below! 

Pride 2021

International Friendship Day 

On 30th July we celebrated International Friendship Day. A day when we were able to celebrate friendship, what it means to us and why it’s important. 

Team Subfero did an amazing job of sending in their thoughts and pictures which were put into a beautiful video. Here’s a selection of the pictures we received.

International Friendship Day 2021

Giving the gift of overtime

Through June and July, we asked you to give some overtime to help those less fortunate in the world. People in many countries are dying from Coronavirus simply because they don’t have access to treatments we take for granted, such as oxygen. 

For every hour of overtime worked during this period, those who took part got paid but Subfero matched and doubled this amount to donate it to the 

We’re delighted to confirm that we managed to achieve 64.5hrs of overtime across the month, meaning a fantastic total of £1,584.12 for charity! 

Thank you to everyone who gave the gift of overtime. Your hard work will have a direct positive impact on those who are still struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic. 

Covid Overtime logo FINAL

Cats v Dogs 

August saw a couple of international awareness days that are close to many peoples’ hearts. International Cat Day on 8th August, and International Dog Day on 26th August. 

Both of these already popular events have been particularly relevant in the last year and half as a result of most of us spending a lot more time at home. 

Cats and dogs (other kinds of pets are available) have been a great source of companionship for those who have them while working from home for all these months. So we wanted to recognise both days by asking Team Subfero to join in and celebrate their furry companions. 

Congratulations to Troy and Tish who were the respective winners for each of the events. 

Cat Day 2021

Dog Day 2021

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