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Jeremy Spencer

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Handley

Chief Financial Officer

Oskar Lindblom 

Head of Operations

Megan Goswell

Head of People

Oleg Khaliulin

Senior Security Compliance Manager

Sam Bindon

Service Operations Manager

Natalie Winton

People Manager

Joanne Stone

Finance Manager

Jonathan Goss

Data Analyst

Michael Peisley

M365 Subject Matter Expert

Millie Thwaites

Quality & Development Team Leader

Michael Kapelko

People & Talent Advisor

Jainal Abdin

Team Leader

Charlotte Newman

Team Leader 

Alfie Sandberg

Team Leader 

Nick Jenkins

Team Leader

Anna Sluggett

Team Leader

Michael Gardiner

Learning & Development Specialist

Emma-Jane Grant

People & Office Coordinator

Filip Balanda

Senior Customer Service Ambassador

James Tite

Senior Customer Service Ambassador

Christopher True

Senior Customer Service Ambassador

Kieran Lawrence

Senior Customer Service Ambassador

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The Hub, 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol, BS32 4RZ

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