It’s Easy being Green Day

It’s hard to escape the importance of recycling in 2020. At Subfero we are no strangers to doing our bit, so in partnership with Every Can Counts UK we have been making use of their dedicated can bins around our office. To promote this and encourage everyone in the office to recycle, we created It’s Easy Being Green Day on February 27th where we would promote recycling through some fun activities and a green-themed dress code.

First a little about Every Can Counts. They are a modern recycling company which provides us with our recycling bins, to be used for drink cans. Established in 2009, they have schemes in 16 different countries and can be found at some of the UK’s major music festivals. They offer a simplistic way to get people used to recycling and sorting their rubbish, as companies look to reduce their carbon footprint across the globe.

What we did

We set up a small basketball hoop in our break room, and placed it over a Green can bin where everyone could take turns at ‘shooting some hoops’. The results were varied, with some truly dreadful attempts – but everyone who had a go really enjoyed the activity.


We challenged our employees to come up with the best can related pun. This was to encourage the more creative minded members of the team to flex their brains in a different way. We had some truly terrific puns and the winner was on another level of inventive.

Finally the day came to close with a piece of real silliness – the Subfero Can-Can! With a big thanks to those who volunteered to take part – we performed our own version of the famous dance. Have a look out for Josh (furthest to the left) who really had a great time dancing, maybe he should pursue a career on the stage?


All in all it was a great day, we hope it has encouraged everyone to think a bit more about recycling.

For more information on Every Can Counts, please visit their website:

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