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Working for Subfero is a unique experience, completely unlike any other office environment. Among the many perks, there is a strong focus on culture and friendship, reflected through the individuals who make up this professional family – all of whom work together to make Office 365 the best it can be for the customers we serve.

We believe in motivating and rewarding all our employees by promoting a healthy and achievable goals driven environment. We are strong believers in development and will support all our employees to be able to reach their full potential.

“Never before have I worked somewhere that blends technology and determination, resulting in such a kinship.”

Zak Field, Concierge Support Ambassador

“Change is inevitable, challenges are what makes life interesting. Every family has a story to tell, welcome to our Team as each day is a new chance to shine “

Preeti Gurung, Concierge Support Ambassador

“Subfero is a great environment, with an enthusiastic workforce. Easily the most dynamic office that I’ve worked in – others have not even come close”

Sebastian Kempf, Concierge Support Ambassador

How We Work

Human to Human Contact

Our team has a passion to deliver really meaningful and genuine human-to-human interaction. A report by Genesys found that of the 9,000 consumers surveyed believed that better human service was the most important part of any customer service experience. So, our love for human interaction is backed by facts and it is exactly what our philosophy is founded on.


Dictated by Data

Data. Insightful and impactful, real-time data which allows us to listen to and monitor our customers’ needs and wants every second of every minute. Our systems allow us to perform deep-dive analysis, giving us the ability to make decisions and with a true focus on the Customer.

Information Security

Our full awareness of the need to protect our Customers’ data is why we operate in a highly secure environment. To date, we have never failed an internal or external Information Security audit and have been fully ISO270001 compliant since our inception.

Head Office

The Hub, 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol, BS32 4RZ

Call Us

+44 (0)117 313 6727



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