Delivering excellence through collaborative teamwork and unrivalled customer service.

About us

Who we are

When we started in 2015, with a workforce of 5 people, we swiftly realised that the business world’s continued focus on wanting to deliver great ‘customer service’, would inevitably give us the opportunity to build a successful and game-changing company.

So here we are, 5 years down the line, and we have been proved right. Today, we have an incredible team of over 180 people. We still rejoice in the quirks, challenges, and idiosyncrasies of delivering excellent customer service to all our customers, whatever their unique or unusual needs.

Focused on employee wellbeing

With our employees at the heart of our operation, we continue to push boundaries and strive to deliver the results that our customers demand. Our customers are our clients; we have matched our dedication to incredible customer service, with a voracious appetite for new and improved methods to streamline our day-to-day procedures.

We believe in social responsibility

Our culture of support is not just limited to our customers and staff. We care for local charities and businesses too, raising over £3000 in 2020 alone through dedicated awareness days and initiatives. We work together to be inclusive, open-minded, and unbiased in every interaction – whoever that may be with.

Our awards

Has it all been worth it? After 5 years of sweat, tears, and a lot of customer call backs, we now stand tall as a multi award-winning company. As recognition of our efforts in 2019, we were voted the ‘Best Outsourced Contact Centre’ by the South West Contact Centre Awards Panel and presented the award at their prestigious celebratory Gala dinner. In the 2020 awards ceremony, albeit held virtually due to COVID-19, we celebrated winning another 3 awards, with an additional 2 of our team receiving highly commended accolades.

Head Office

The Hub, 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol, BS32 4RZ

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